The story behind Saveurs & Traditions
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Est since 2020

Saveurs & Traditions is all about bringing to your door the best of the craftsmanship of traditional flavours from each hidden gem around the world.

We strive to thoroughly seek and validate our supplying craftsmen based on our unchanging criteria Traditional craftsmanship & Original flavours from locally sourced natural ingredients Constantly on the move to find the next pearl in the gastronomy ocean that we can proudly bring to you. Our numerous years of cooking, tasting, and travelling around the world to discover and learn how to use ingredients to their full extent are now allowing us to share our passion and favourite delicacy with you. Buckle up and get ready for a fragrant gastronomic trip around the world, in the comfort of your own home…

- Stéphane & Cindy, the founders of Saveurs & Traditions.

Stephane the boy from Occitania

Born and breed in the south of France, in Occitania, famous for its vineyard, olive trees and summer fruits such as peach, apricot and fig. Being from French and Italian descent, a finely mixed recipe for a gourmet! From a winemaking family,

Stephane cherish fond memories of long morning walks in the vineyard and olive tree fields, assisting his uncle during cold winters when vine cutting and preparation of the field must be done, harvest time were beautiful memories, a perfect opportunity during lunch time to learn about wine pairing with local charcuterie and fresh vegetables from the family potager.

Stephane also learned a lot in the kitchen with his beloved Italian nonna, Etienette, who spent early mornings in the kitchen making homemade pasta and Minestrone soup!

Etiennette’s grandfather was himself a Charcutier in Nice at the Franco / Italian border, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Deeply rooted in Mediterranean culture and with all that learning and childhood memories, it was meant for Stephane to create Saveurs & Traditions to bring the best of French gastronomy to you.

Cindy the flavour chaser

Originally from the beautiful Mauritius island, in the Indian Ocean, reputed for its rich multicultural cuisine, where Cindy’s passion for flavours started.

At 19 years old, call for travel was too tempting, made Cindy leaving her native island to discover the world. Starting in Sicily where she discovered traditional recipes and well-kept secrets of the Sicilian elder home cooks, roaming in the lemon and olive trees and early morning authentic markets of Catania, where flavours are so intense and fragrant.

A few years later, Cindy moved to United States, a place where she discovered the richness and the diversity of the world’s gastronomy.Regularly travelling around the world from Asia to Europe, through Africa and Middle East, Cindy has developed an extensive knowledge about ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques. Something that is for sure, Cindy won’t leave any countries she visited without buying some of their local spices.

It makes completely sense for Cindy to be the co-founder and Quality director of Saveurs & Traditions, here unmatched knowledge will guarantee you with the best and most fragrant delicacies product selection available around the world.

One thing she stands for is, she will never source anything that she won’t eat herself.

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Frequently asked questions
Do you make hampers for festive periods or special occasions?
We will be thrilled to help you compose a hamper with our products, please get in touch for more details…
Which meat are in the products and its origin?
Our products are made with meat from France and EU, such as pork, beef, poultry, fish and shellfish.
Are your products gluten free or suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
Our saucissons are gluten free, for other products, please consult the desired product's page for all the details.
Are there any allergens in the products?
To get an exact idea of any possible allergens in our products, please consult the desired product's page for all the details.
What are your delivery timings?
We generally deliver between 24 and 72 hours, depending on couriers, climatical circumstances and unforeseen events.
Where do you deliver to?
We to deliver all over the United kingdom.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We do accept card payment and paypal payment, required upon order completion.
What is the best way to enjoy your products?
Our saucisson are made for snacking, niblling with drinks… For our ready meals, tinned and jarred delicacies, please consult the desired product's page for all the details.
Can i track my order?
Upon validation of your order, we will issue a tracking number once your order has left ouur premises.
How to store my delicacies?
Saucisson are better kept, up to 3 months, wrapped in a tea towel and kept in the refrigerator's vegetables drawer. Tinned food can be kept in a cupboard, until the best before date.
How long can I keep my delicacies for?
You can kep your saucissons up to 3 months, tinned and jarred products, please refer to date on the packaging.
Where are the delicacies coming from?
All our products are sourced from farmers and producers in France.


A varied selection of delicacies