Terrines, Rillettes & Spreads

Earthenware meat cooked together with herbs, spices & game.

Terrines are earthenware meat cooked together with herbs, spices, game. Terrine or Pork Spread is to enjoy at a very specific relaxing time prior to lunch or dinner and even as a starter if you fancy it.

Amicably called “L’Apéro” in French and academically known as “L’Apéritif”, which translates by “Let’s have a drink and enjoy some nibbles! Shall we?”.

This is the type of gastronomic delicacy you would expect to find in refined dining settings as landmark of the French gastronomy.

Charcuterie and cheeses board bring a touch of French class to your table that will not go unnoticed!

You can enjoy your terrine with almost any types of drinks, cocktails, spirits, whiskey.


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